Tuesday, December 7, 2010

you have a baby?!............

.........in a brewery??!!

yes. well, a matter-of-fact, we did.
pardon my double chin...it seems as if i've truly plateaud with this whole 'losing the baby weight....' where's that treadmill i need to buy?? must. workout. and. sooooon.

don't worry, romes wasn't the only one.
colette brought her babIES. (yep, she's packin two)
although, hers are still nestled in her warm belly :)

and......he slept. the entire time!
which was good.
i didn't need my 7 week old trying to sneak his first brewsky.

and thanks to my friend amy, she's borrowed out her bjorn.
it's been the perfect replacement, because i left my stroller in nebraska at thanksgiving.
bummmmmmer, dude.
our little family. i love it.

cheers to free beer on a saturday afternoon!
so happy our hubbies had such a great time......i mean, we did too, but there's just something about seeing your husband smile. i love it.

eeeeeeeeek!!!! seriously. her little boys could arrive any day now......
aren't day da cutest!?!

still sleepin.

and now........today, december 7, 2010, i'm grateful for:

1. colette and quinn. they're always up for a good time......even IF she's totally about to pop :)

2. the children in my neighborhood. they play in my backyard. even on our deck......and ya know, it's fun to have them roamin' around!

3. mr leif. he fixed our only cd player. yep, turns out i just switched the cords to the speakers. silly me.


  1. mmm, baby in a bjorn :) at a brewery :) with a cute prego twin mom :)

    all smiles :)

    p.s. you do NOT have a double chin. stop that. :)

  2. We are so thankful for you too!! I was having an ehh . . . blah of a morning and decided to take a quick brake to check in on some of favorite blogs for a quick escape and I am now smiling ear to ear thanks to you :)

    And by the way - you look so great!! (anyone who looks down like you are would 'appear' to have a double chin - duh!!)

    Love ya!