Monday, December 6, 2010

ok. i'm not jumping on the bandwagon...

...i mean seriously. facebook amazes me over and over again.

but, before i continue, a small disclosure: i do not intend to offend anyone with my following perspective of the rampant "if you believe this, post this...." schemes on facebook. i guess i'm just venting?

but, then again, if i'm that annoyed by them, then why don't i just not get on facebook?

but, then i wouldn't get my mini dose of keeping up with whos who doing whats what.

so, i'll just keep getting on facebook, and keep getting annoyed. smiley face.

ok, where was i?
oh lately, everyone has hopped on the wagon with posting their favorite childhood cartoon character, to "fight child abuse". ok now, im an elementary school counselor - i couldn't be MORE opposed to such an ugly disastrous crime, however, let's be real people. how is putting a picture of your favorite childhood cartoon picture going to do anything to stop child abuse? i just don't see the connection. i know i know, i suppose you are just making a public stand against such an awful action, so i guess i understand that part.

but, should i feel guilty? like i'm supporting child abuse by not changing my profile pic?

maybe i could change my status to........"i'm posting a picture of my squishy ishy goodness, baby roman, to show i am fighting child abuse" ???


so, i'm sure i've offended a few of you, possibly all of you......again, not my intent.

i just wanted to throw out some itty bitty sarcastic-ness about all this facebook status statements :)

if you have the worlds greatest mom, say so! its brag up your mom day. change your status to this!

if you have the cutest kids in the world, proclaim it! change your status to this!
oh goodness. they are just the funniest statements ever.

i laugh.

i'd like to start a few of my own..........

"if you haven't decorated for christmas yet, join the club! and repost this as your status!"

"if you like eating 2 cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and are still hungry, repost this as your status!"

"if you can't seem to make it to kinkos to get those darn xmas cards printed YET, repost this as your status!"

and here's the motherload............

drumroll please?..........

"i like it on the couch"
or maybe, to get some minds rolling even more..........
"i like at the kitchen table"

oh get your minds out of the gutter.

i'm just talking about where i like to eat my peppermint stick ice cream.........

but seriously. is the point of those posts to try and tempt the opposite sex?? oh dear.........i better stop now :) because, although i'm rolling in laughter over her at the leif residence, i might be stepping on toes. your toes. and that is not what i desire to do.

alright, just for kicks.

"if your mom rarely let you watch tv as a child, but when she did you loved one particular a pic of it, and now!"

don't worry. i AM still grateful :)

today, december 6, 2010, i'm grateful for:

1. leftover cinnamon rolls. for breakfast. and leftover chilli. for lunch.

2. an occasional saved by the bell re-run.

3. realizing the lights on my chistmas tree are just the beginning of the resemblence of the TRUE light of the world. our JESUS. who was born, so many years ago, to come and save us. and everytime we plug those strands of lights in, it reminds us of the star, that marked where the birth of our JESUS was, so many years ago. and leif and i get to start such lovely christmas traditions with our new little family. so cheers to putting lights on the tree. and cheers to getting giddy to celebrate HIS birth. amen? amen!


  1. totally with you sister!!! haha
    my mom had breast cancer and when those "i like it in the kitchen" statuses were happening i was so offended. how is posting something about where your PURSE is in your house going to help cure breast cancer??

  2. I am with ya on those silly Fb posts. I keep thinking someone makes those up as a joke to see who will go along with it and they say hahaha suckers! Ya the cartoons are ridiculous and it does nothing to prevent child abuse. It's a scam ;)

  3. amen sista. ah, humans...any chance we get to show off a trite personality crutch/get attention, we take it :-) so funny

  4. ohmygosh!!! you just said what most people are thinking. out loud. bahahaaaaa. that's why i love you. that's why me+you would get along so well. we say what's real. word. i laugh everytime i see one of those lame things. fb makes me laugh in general. but then again, i'm the one getting on it. even if for a good laugh.

    hahahaaaaaaaaaa! i like what charlene said too. she nailed it.