Wednesday, December 8, 2010

you know when you have that person...

...that you could laugh for hours upon hours with?

or, perhaps, you'd rather talk about the depths of your heart?

or, maybe, its a few glasses of wine, and you can just let the conversation roll?

well, heidi is my person.

though we don't get to see each other nearly enough........when we do, our hearts connect in the most beautiful way. we can be real, honest, supportive, and silly. and we do it all with honesty and love..........

yep, she's my person. and when we get together, i realize it over and over again.

and now, when she looks at my baby, it melts my heart.........

heidi has the most zest for life imagineable.

this is her jj.
they met, on account of me........hello matchmaker, YES!!!

and it was love at first sight......even though JJ was up on a roof, and heidi was, well, not on the roof.

they were here this past weekend, celebrating their anniversary.

yep, two years ago, she was the most beautiful bride

i miss living with you heidi....... i miss lifeguarding together, having wine together, watching sex and the city together (i remember watching it for the first time with her, thinking it was such a naughty show!!!).......... i miss getting ready to "go out" together...... i miss laughing at jj's clever christmas gifts with you..........and dreaming about our futures, living across the street?!? raising our kids together?!?! maybe someday........ thank you for loving my baby.
i can't wait to love yours someday :), december 8, 2010, i'm grateful for:

1. when mr leif comes home from work. he is such a great help. plus, roman smiles at him so much, and thats the bestest.

2. peppermint stick icecream. mr leif takes the babe, i take my bowl. yummmmmo.

3. heidi. she's the bestest ever. and we can laugh for hours togehter.


  1. confession...i'm secretly jealous of people that get to be your friend in real life. :-)

  2. AWWWWW Linds I LOVED this post.....b/c it was about me! :) haha! You are the SWEETEST & I miss the days of us living together too! Those were the best! I was just telling my friend at work how I was going to visit you & how grateful I am that you are one of those friends who I can be 100% honest around & never feel like I"m being judged--and we really do have the best time together!!! Seriously I laughed so MUCH last Sat night!! oooohhh I miss you! Give Rome-yo a BIG sloppy kiss from me!!!!