Monday, January 10, 2011

my baby needs a toupé?

no way, you say?
a toupé?
yes way, i say...

ok, i'll stop playing dr seuss with the whole rhyme thing.

you might be thinking........wait a minute, romes has lots of hair! and especially that chunk stickin up on top!........

well.... you're right...

i mean, you WERE right....

this picture is from just a couple days's lookin thick there romes.....but now...... he's been plagued with cradle cap. or i am choosing to call it cradle CRAP. (haha, good joke, ey!?)

so, over the last few days, we've been scrubbin his head.....and his hair is falling out when we scrub it.........ahhhh!!!!!!!!!

SO....if there are any ideas out there.....share'em!!!

should we keep scrubbing? or just leave it?

oil? special shampoo?

and, just in case........if any of y'all know where to get a baby toupe.....share the love.

romes will NOT, i repeat, will NOT look like my high school basketball coach. (combover, anyone???)


  1. both twins had cradle crap (that's what I called it too!) The dr suggested olive oil-we tried it and it sorta worked but didn't smell very yummy :( I used baby oil and then gently washed it out with shampoo-it tends to leave their hair kinda greasy though. Also just use a soft brush to brush as much out as you can-I think stimulating the scalp helps produce more natural oil to help get rid of dryness. And by the way-Caitlyn says she will gladly take any hair Roman has lost-see is getting a bit desperate for hair!!

  2. Both of my boys had cradle cap to some degree. We used Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap Treatment. You can get it in the Target baby section. It worked wonders!

    By the way, I found your blog off of Band of Brothers, and I love reading. Just thought I'd say hi. :)

  3. Hi Linds!
    I happen to be a baby nurse and we deal with this all the time during the winter. The less scrubbing the better. Here's what I find works.

    Use whatever baby lotion works the best for Romes and gently rub it into the scaly parts of his scalp every time you change his diaper. (I personally like Johnson's lotions). Then right before bed time, use a thin bristled brush and gently comb from the scalp upward and out. (The hospital comb he got when he was born does the trick well). The lotion should soften the dry skin and it should come off pretty easily.

    Bathe him/wash his hair as you normally would, just put lotion on his scalp after you comb it and after bath time. It may take a few days and his hair will be a 'lil greasy but he'll be back to new in no time! In the mean time, hats are good for out in public if you're worried about it!

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!