Monday, January 10, 2011

this is for you, working moms!

.....heck, its for all moms.

so mr leif and i (mostly mr leif, but i help....a bit...) have started somthing new.
we've been trying it for two weeks.
and it's been fabulous.

on sundays, we plan our meals for the week, and also prep them.

we try to do at least 2-3 crockpot meals within the mix.....nothin like comin home from work to a yummy smelling home :)

to prep the crockpot meals, we prepare the ingredients and put them each into a crockpot liner bag, then into the fridge they go!............and in the mornings, we just plop the bag into the pot and set'er on low :)

chopping, stirring,'s made our weeknights yummier, and easier too :)
so here is romes and i on our sunday night prep party in the kitchen.
i was making chocolate revel bars.
mr leif was prepping our all-the-fat-trimmed-off-beef/potato/carrot/celery stew.

we had a snow day today.

i got to smell the stew all day.

and i may have eated half the pan of bars. i mean, i did eat half the pan of bars.

i have no self control.


  1. i have no self control either! lol. so glad you got a snow day with your beebee.

  2. ohh! this is inspiring :) i have no inspiration for the kitchen lately. but this seems fun AND easy! win. win.

    p.s. i see you did a lil' bloggin' on your snow day, eh? i wish i could take my computer in the bubble bath & catch up. stupid desktop. maybe tomorrow i'll read..when i have more energy. stick a fork in me. i've had a day. but i'm smiiiiiling thinking of crockpot smells. mmmm! yum!

  3. good blog for crockpot cooking!!!!