Tuesday, January 11, 2011

randoms on roman...at 3 months!

you just found your hands....you love to suck on them and lick them.
you really want to use your hands....but you can't quite grasp things intentionally, yet.
you love to suck on mommas hands....and you've become quite the drooler.
you love, LOVE, LOVE your play gym....most specifically the mirror.
your daddy says you're vain....because you're in love with your mirror.
you have four friends....the giraffe, lion, monkey, and elephant, which dangle from your little gym.
you breathe so heavy, so fast....when you are in your gym.
you squeel and try to giggle.....but mostly just squeels, when you see the mirror.
you still need to be swaddled, tight..........when you nap or sleep for the night
you throw your hands up into a big stretch.....everytime we unwrap your swaddle when you wake up.
you are a fabulous sleeper....and you really love to be swaddled tight.
you are a noisy sleeper....always grunting, squeeling softly, and trying to break free.
you sleep from about 9 pm until 5 am.....and you started that just in time for mommy to go back to work, i thank you.
you've got gas....well, you do. and it's cute.....for now.
you're a good pooper too.

you truly are the happiest baby on the block....and i've followed the eat, play, sleep schedule very strictly.
you are a great eater...but have become a lazy eater.
now that you've gotten used to momma's milk from a bottle....nursing is just too much work.
but you will nurse at the early morning feeding.....which i love because we get to bond before i go to work.
so far, i've been able to pump consistently......and so you haven't had to switch to formula yet.

you are a wiggle monster....and you just started flopping over to your side
you still love to fling your hands and feet around.....especially when you are really excited.
i'm always rubbing aquaphor on your face, because of your dry skin....our heater is flowin constantly, and your sweet skin just doesn't agree.
you've begun to get the cradle crap.....but so many sweet friends have given me advice, so i can't wait to tackle those flakies.
your eyes are still blue....and i really, so much REALLY, hope they stay that way.
your hair still sports a mohawk regularly....you just don't look 'yourself' when i try to tame it down.

you smile pretty much anytime i talk to you...and you follow your daddy around with your eyes like its your job.
we have lots of nicknames for you...romes, rome, romy, romyroo, roman candle, romonster, little rome, romeo, squiggle butt, squiggler, little love.
you're the best first born ever.....and you'll be the best big brother someday.

you're getting baptized this sunday...and i've begun to pray intentionally for you this week.

i pray that you will grow to be a respectful, strong, honest, brave, and God honoring man.
i pray that you will watch your father very closely, as he is the greatest role model for the type of husband you will want to be some day.
i pray that you will love the Lord, and share with others about the good news of Jesus Christ.
and, i pray that you will have a good voice, and be musically talented....
(i mean, i always wished your father could sing and play the guitar....so i'm hoping you will come through for me.)
i love you sweet roman joe.


  1. cutie mcCutester!!!!! i pray romes and mase become friends :) heehee

    mase had really dry skin(especially cheekies)too and our pediatrician asked that we try hydrocortisone 1%(its a walgreens brand)and it worked soooo well. we use it all over his little body :) just thought i'd share the wealth :)....i love it when moms give me some tips ;)

    baby's waking up......much love!!!!!

  2. OMG the rolls on him!!! I could just eat his chunky butt right up!!! Can't wait to hear about his baptism :)

  3. He is absolutely adorable!!!!!

  4. He is edible. I want to munch on him. Those rolls!! those cheekies!!!

    nom nom nom :)