Saturday, February 12, 2011

from our romeo.

our lil' romeo wishes you a happy love day.

oh boy, miss molly has done it again.

yes, yes, yes.........
she did this one too.
i forgot to post it!

what are me and mr leif gonna do to celebrate our LOVE?!?!?!?
not sure yet.
but i've got ideas in the makin'
romes gets his 4 MONTHS shots on V-day.
yep, folks, 4 months!!!!
so, the mr and i may need to postpone our celebration. we shall see......


  1. :) ah, gee. you make me smile. LOVE that lil' romeo. LOVE HIM!!!!!

  2. I'm inspired by this love box story! Shared the story with my husband, he smiled, I smiled. We may have to start our own :)