Wednesday, February 9, 2011

makes you stop and think...

today, on my way to work, there were three accidents on the interstate.

as i was driving by one of them, slowy, as traffic was way backed up, i witnessed a victim getting loaded onto a stretcher and then placed in the ambulance.


that totally rocks your world. in a scary way.
have you ever been on a stretcher?
in an ambulance?

i have.
almost 4 years ago.
i was in an accident. kind of a weird accident. i passed out (i had the flu) while driving. weird. i know.
but regardless, i was in SOOOO much pain and asked to be strapped onto the stretcher with one of my knees bent up, half fetal position......
while in the ambulance my pain was so severe i couldn't talk or try to answer any of their questions.
i thought, was i going to die?
the emergency room was crazy..........

makes you really stop and think.

but then i recovered and moved on with my life.

when i was finally released to drive (thanks sam for coming down to KC to drive me to the bank to sign the papers when we bought our house....crazy times!!!) i was a bit nervous. back on the raod? what if i pass out again?

it kept me on my toes for a while, in terms of evaluating life. my purpose. my goals. situations like those really make you stop and think.

but i quickly jumped back into the swing of things after a month off of work to recover. and after about 4 months i could work out and/or be active again. in no time, i rarely thought of my accident. and thus, rarely put my life into check, as seriously as i had that february, 4 years ago.

but today?
seeing that stretcher load up into the ambulance brought me back there.

as i passed the ambulance, i turned up k-love even louder.
you can probably hear the music blaring in the car next to me (and both of our windows are up)
you probably know what song i'm listening to by watching me sing at the top of my lungs.

but today, there was a song with the lyrics:
As the hands and feet of Jesus, I’m called to serve the least of these.

then...i began thinking, how am i "serving the least of these?"

HOW am i acting as the HANDS and FEET of JESUS?

that's where i am right now.
focusing, praying, thinking, about how GOD is going to use me.

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