Monday, February 28, 2011

not really a post.

but rather a few ramblings sparked by this post.

i loved it because

a) it made me want to spray paint the crap outta my house and everything in it
b) she's promoting STELLA and DOT!!!!!!!!
c) i need some warm weather, and a tan. like, NEED

wanna get yourself some jewels?
lemmie know.

alright, i'm coming out of my cocoon.
i've been sick and in bed for 2.5 days.
like fever, swallowing swords, body aches so bad i feel like i was beat up and left in an alley.......then ran over 2 times by a giant bus feelings.
my throat still feels like it's full of daggers, but the fever is gone.
my curtains are open.
the sun is shining in.
i've counted how many days until i'm officially on summer break and able to play with romes ANY TIME I WANT TO.
how many days?
well, it's about 84.
oh heck, after typing that number it seems like forever away.........

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