Monday, February 28, 2011

weird dreams.

so, my fever's back.
yes, i've had a fever for 3 days in a row. i didn't even know they lasted that long.
although, after tylenol, it breaks to 99 for a few hours before goin right back up again.........
and i'm still swallowing daggers.

methinks i have strep, because i don't have any other symptoms other than fever and throat full of nails. but i'm going into the doc to confirm.

when you're sick you have weird dreams, or at least i do.

weird dream number one.
my mom and i were sitting in my front yard and a snake slithered up and hissed at her and tried to crawl on her. she freaked out a bit, but did a rather nice job of keeping her cool. then a GIANT boa constrictor attacked ME. and i freaked out. and tried to get the snake off of me, but i couldn't. .................and then i woke up and my bed was soaked with sweat. yuck, seriously. i was a sweaty betty.

weird dream number two.
i was back at my national indoor finals track meet (i ran for a year in college) and it was time for my hurdle race. like literally the girls were all getting into their blocks. i hadn't even taken off my warm ups OR stretched OR did any run-throughs. and my muscles were so tigh t, so i freaked out and ran over to my lane, trying to strip off my warm ups as fast as i could, to get into my blocks before the gun.........and then i woke up. and my legs, scratch that, my whole body, was aching like crazy.

crap. i don't even wanna know what's going to creep into my mind tonight. trying to train my mind for my dreams here folks) ...........cute dress from shoes...........princesses.............cotton candy..............funnel cakes................anthro

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  1. so sorry you are feeling sick and having bad dreams. i thought i had strep too but i don't. but i still feel lousy with a sinus infection and a cough.
    get well soon my friend!