Friday, February 25, 2011

romedog, you're 4 months dude!

yep. it's true.
4 months already :)
and well, i'm quite in love with you.

a little stats?
ok. you weigh 17 pounds, you'z a big baby romes.
you are in the 90th percentile for weight, and 95th for height.
you are large, and in charge.
actually.......not really in charge, because really? you are so TOTALLY laid back. yep.
rome you are quite the cool cat. just chill.
and you are OH my goodness, HAPPY.

yes, you are an insta-smile.
as soon as i look you in the eye. your smile is so big it looks as if it would almost be painful. to make your cheeks stretch that far.

you pretty much let me do whatever i want to you. we even play dress up.
you really rocked the scarf that your grammy knitted for you.
dang rome. you got swag.

and ya know what? your hair. that's what.
it's still growin like a weed, up top.
you are ready for your third haircut already.
and, i'm lovin your hair, because you still have cradle cap. so it's a nice little natural hat.
we comb it into a hawk after bathtime, so're usually looking pretty and your mohawk.

you are ticklish.
REALLY ticklish. and you giggle.
and it's the best sound EVER.
you da cute baby roman joe.
and you are a mini mr leif, the other day i saw you in our bed, and it was like i was looking at your guys are like twinsies.

you are wearing 9-12 month clothes. at 4 months.
yeah, that rolling stones shirt you've got on here? well, its an 18 month'er.
although it WAS thrifted, so i'm sure it's been washed lots and lots.
but still.
you're big.
and i love you.

we STILL swaddle you like a little burrito.
we use the miracle blanket, aka straight jacket, AND the valcro swaddle.
yep, double you up. nice and tight.
just the way you like it. sleep from about 8 or 9 pm until about 5 or 6 am. rock on rome. rock on.

romyroo. you are grabbing at toys left and right.
loving to stick your whole hand in your mouth.....gnawing away - you'z a slobber monster. so, you must be teething :)
romes, you wiggle all over when you are on the floor, kicking like there's no tomorrow.......
but when we hold you, you are so content to just sit and be chill.
no rolling over yet. but that's ok.
i'd rather you not be on the go yet.
i'd rather you stay a baby forever.
this size, in fact.
my perfect little sidekick doll.
who laughs at all the crazy things i do and say.

roman joe, you have done big things to me in the last 4 months.
made me smile, made me cry
made me worry, made me proud
made me sleepy, made me excited
made me miss you, made me rush home to see you
made me wonder, made me trust

this motherhood deal is quite the gig.
sometimes i just want a timeout.
some time to freeze everything around me so that i can do my crafts, clean the house, run errands, and get my new business rollin.........
sometimes i wonder if i'll ever feel like i'm caught up or ahead of the game.............
sometimes i don't think i will ever get through this semester............
all the time, yes ALL THE TIME, i'm madly in love with you.
and ALL THE TIME i thank jesus for you.
and, well, i could stare into your blue eyes for hours, for days, for years.

thank you little romes, you make wanting 5 kids seem like a breeze.
thank you mr leif, you are my mcdreamy baby daddy.
thank you jesus, you give me grace.

oh, ps.
we have lots of nicknames for you:
rome, romes, romedog, romeroo, romedog millionare, roman candle, roman numeral, romano, romonster, squiggle baby, squiggle butt, squiggler, little love.


  1. he is so yummy! his hair! the outfit! the chair! you are both too cute! happy 4 months you big happy baby!

  2. oh just the cutest thing ever! that hair! and it's the best when they are super ticklish - love those little laughs

  3. he is SO big!!!! What a handsome man.

    Love that yellow chair!