Thursday, February 24, 2011

moms don't really wear heels, or do they?

and............cue your confused looks. because those heels above don't really have anything to do with this post. i'm just weird. and also, i just really want those shoes on my feet, and now. and i would also like to be wearing them with a dress. and also i'd like to be holding hands with mr leif. and also, a glass of red wine would be a nice accessory. and also? we should be out on a date, with not a care in the world.

back to reality.

oh crappers. it's happening......
that time of year where SPRING! and SUMMER! are happening all around us...... yet as i look outside i see dark, gloom, and rain, boo? yes, boo.

however, the look of spring and summer seems to be pouring out of every magazine, every store window, and literally jumping right off the page and into my lap from the anthro mag.
and, i can't help but get the itch.
the one that makes me want to somehow gain a million dollars, and then get rid of my whole closet, and stock it new.

most of the time. like really about 85% of the time i delight in putting together random outfits, using articles of clothing from wayyyyy back, even from high school (yep, i still rock a pair of pants that i sported in my senior pictures) and i'm a sucker for anything thrifted.
i still get the itch.
and, well, could anthro just please lower their prices?
just for like, oh, a day?

they should have a "if you're a mom and can't typically afford our swag, come on in on this one special day.....and it's ok if you need to bring your kids along, heck you can even nurse in our dressing room" sale.
yep, that would be a good sale.
AND...........if they had that one day sale, i'd buy these two things.

for my sweet friend's bridal shower in march.
yep, i would.
oh you mustard shoes. i wanna give you a smooch.


  1. duuude! that would be a GOOD sale. we should picket so they hear our mama battle cry :) i've missed you!

  2. LOVE that outfit! moms totally wear heels...and lipstick...and have cocktails ready for their hard workin men at the end of the day (haven't you ever watched mad men??) :-)

  3. I get the itch too! We don't have kiddos but are trying to pay off student loans and buy a house so that's what I tell myself when I get the urge. That dress is adoreable though! Guess they don't call it Spring Fever for nothin' :)

    I don't do the heel thing so often. Being in comfy shoes all shift long as a nurse doesn't exactly make me want to cram my piggies into the latest trendy shoe. Check out my blog to see my lastest shoe splurge.

  4. randomly found your blog! those shoes are delicious.... move to AZ... its sunny all year round :)