Tuesday, March 1, 2011

one more weird dream.

i had another one last night, but it wasn't all flowers, candy, and butterflies.

mr leif, romes, and i were in a boat.

I'm ON A BOAT! (wasn't that a hit song last year, idk, i was in a hormonal pregnancy stage and i might have missed out on all sorts of 'whats the latest music' back then........)

anyways, we were ON A BOAT! and it was just a little paddle boat.
in some gross lake, with water that wasn't clear and no white sandy beach. (POTAC - hi sam! remember POTAC?! when we visited liza in destin?)

and all of the sudden, bad guys came.
like real bad guys, lots of them.

everyone scattered, and so we quickly paddled to shore and ran inside (some strange house/building). everyone was trying to hide and people were being captured left and right........so we hid in a closet.

mr leif was holding romes. i kept thinking, he's gonna squeal! he's gonna squeal! no!!!!!!!!!! i don't have a paci!?!??! please be quiet romedog. it's life or death here.

i looked our our peep hole (yes, there was a peep hole in our closet door) and 2 bad guys passed by our closet without opening the door. then the third one came. he opened it and
i woke up.
in a whole pile of sweat. even my belly was sweaty. my neck, too.

dang. i JUST washed the sheets yesterday. my hair was even wet. GROSS.
i know. sorry.
i just had to share.
dang fevers.

guess i'll be washing our bedding again today.
good news, i went to the doc and i've got strep so i'm on some antibiotics, and tomorrow i should no longer be contagious, hello world!. and the good part? i don't have a fever anymore, just a throat full of razorblades!! and i'm home from work semi-functionable this time!

holla at ur girl.
ur sweatay sweatay girl.

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