Friday, February 18, 2011

wish me luck,

i mean....pray for me.

today. after work. i'm off to nebraska.
with roman, but not mr leif.

he has to work on saturday, because like me, he too is feeling way too swamped these days.

the romes and i are going to visit my momma. and MY SISTER will be there too. and her family. YAY??!!!!!

but back to the prayers.
its a 4.5 hour drive.
i'll be doing it alone.
in the dark.

meaning, nursing on the side of the road.
pulling over when the paci falls out.
pulling over to change the dipe.
in the dark.
with boogy men all around.

but really, i'm nervous.

i don't want our drive to take 7 hours.
and i don't want my car to break down.
not that it ever has.
but now wouldn't be a great time for it it happen.

but i promise.
when i return..................
pictures, pictures pictures!!!
fun fun FUN will reappear on this blog.

no more debbi downer lindsey.
life is good.
God is good.
family is good.
and well, this drive might be good...........maybe. i mean, i CAN stop and get a route 44 sonic on the way, ey????

ps. can i pump and drive at the same time? no, you say?
ok. better not.........


  1. oh! what fun! i will pray. right now. take lots o' pics :) YAY!

  2. Prayers comin' your way! Just a thought, can you leave when Romes would normally be asleep? We used to take long family trips when I was little and my Mom would leave later at night. We'd sleep the whole way, no pit stops. Any way you do it though, be safe!