Tuesday, February 22, 2011

rockin the morning routine.

it's a madhouse these days :)

i used to use an alarm clock......i would set my alarm for 6:00. slowly roll out of bed, fumbling around deciding what to wear as i gradually made my way to the shower....

now? i don't need an alarm clock. in fact, i haven't set one since the day before roman was born. nope. i have no fear of oversleeping for work. no way. he gets me up between 5 and 6 daily.

i used to take a nice, hot, long shower.........i wouldn't worry about anything but standing, letting the water beat down on my back, head, face.......ahhhhhh........slowly washing my hair. enjoying how soft it felt after conditioning it. just when i was about to turn the water off...... i decide to stand there a little more, preparing for my day. i can get ready and be outta the door by 7! oh yeah.........oh, totally yeah...........plenty of time to stop for a hot chocolate on the way, and get to school EARLY. quicktrip has maginificient hot chocolate machines, by the way, yum? yum.

now? roman begins talking around 4:00. so, i tip toe into his room, give him his pacifier, rub his cheekies, and he falls back asleep.
it's back to bed i go. trying to fall asleep as fast as i can......then BAM! it's 5:00 before i know it. romedog begins sqeeling in his crib because he needs to eat, so its off to nurse him.
by 5:30, we are sittin' in the chair and he's so excited to eat that he nose dives into me multiple times before i'm even ready to begin feeding him.
that little silly man, he's a hungry fella! he eats for a while then takes a break to laugh and coo.......so we play and cuddle and smile at eachother, and now its back on. finish that eating little romes. hopefully by 6:15 he's done.

i put him in his chair and start the vibration and music. now, quick! run to the kitchen to pack up my pump stuff and grab something for lunch! now, get the bottles out of the fridge and pack his bag! take out everything out to the car, and, if it's cold? start the car and crank that heat!

back into the house i go...........time to transfer romes into his carseat and turn on our praise baby cd. he snoozes off, or almost does.

quick! i hop in the shower, then run into my room. i have just enough time to throw on something to wear, apply minimal, yet presentable, makeup and brush my teeth.
oh crap, my hair? ehyyy, oh well. hopefully my new stella and dot collection will distract from my hair.

ok. grab romes and head out to the car. it's 7:10!
i drop him off at the babysitter's and rush off to school.
i dart in and out of traffic, getting a rush while passing cars and blasting k-love.
there it is!!! starbucks!!
i look at my clock, is it before 7:40?? if so? i can stop.
i get the only thing i've ever tried there, white chocolate mocha.
yummidy yum yum. holla gurrrrrrrrrrrrrl.

guzzle down da coffay as i whip into the driveway.
greet those kids as they start piling up out front of the school.
bell rings. it's 8:00. greet those little guys, all 400+ of them.
good morning. good morning. good morning.

one of romy's sitters sends me pictures during the day.
here's one from last week :)
hi! wanna roman-filled donut?
ahhhh.........it makes that crazy routine worth it. he's smiling. he's fine. i'm fine. inhale, exhale. God is good :)
ps. my sissy and baby charlotte and momma are all staying with me this week.
YEP! this whole WEEK! they came with me back to KC.
its good. so very good. but i still have to work, blehhhhk.
but they've got romes all day. he's loving it. and charlotte is lovin him :)

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