Wednesday, February 16, 2011

seriously, mrs leif?

working with kids, can be quite........

"well, gosh mrs leif, how'd your baby get out of you?"
um, well, do you really wanna know? jk. besides your male kindergarten teacher just gave me an 'oh this is awkward look', and.......moving on.

"oh mrs. leif, your tummy isn't round any more! what happened?"
thanks.....but ahem, you don't wanna see underneath my shirt!!! hello one-piece swimsuit.

mrs leif, they actually had walmart back when you were a kid, wow!!?"
seriously girls, i'm not that old. for real. like totally there was a jc penny back then too. boo yah.

"omg. when i say i like justin bieber, it's not that i want to marry him. i'm just being a fan. you know, like hang posters up in my room and buy his book, and listen to his music. now, if i said i like like like him, or like love him, then i really love him. but just one like doesn't mean love."
whoa. breathe child. breathe.

"and besides i saw him with his girlfriend in a magazine, and his arm was like this (she puts her arm around me) so yeah, he has a girlfriend. so of course i don't like like like him or like love him"
well duh. you totally aren't in love with him.

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