Wednesday, March 30, 2011


"mom!!! me and dad are hangin out, go away!!!"
"but romes, i wanna play too!"

"mom, sorry, but we're havin a guys only time"
"ok, fine, but at least let me get the camera a take a few snaps!"

"alright, i'll give you a few smiles then!"
"oh you so cute! you little squiggly thing!!!"
"ahhhhhh - get that flash outta here lindsey, it's blinding me!!!" (mr. leif)

"ok, dad, what are we gonna do with mom, and that darn camera!?!!!"

"i don't know romes. i guess we'll have to just put up with it. there's no stoppin'er"

"ha, HA! i caught you two again!"

"ok mom, for real, i just woke up. now get that camera outta here!!"

"dad's workin and i'm watchin the game, can't you go eat a rootbeer float or something??!"

"yes, romes, i'll leave you two alone now!!"

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