Thursday, April 7, 2011

i remember when facebook just began

does that make me old? maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. regardless, I was going through an old junk-email of mine (the one in my maiden name that i use to sign up for things online) (the one that i check once in a blue moon to delete the million emails i get about junk) (the one that i USED TO actually use) and i found this......... an email sent to my friend celia in new zealand, telling her all about facebook and asking her to join........ lol.
.... almost 6 years ago, SIX YEARS AGO!!!!

Mon, December 12, 2005 9:03:47 PM

hey !!


To: Celia Mandeno


hey ce ..... u need to do this.... go to and sign up using your school email and all that i searched on it and there is an aukland and an aukland tech........ its the coolest thing ever if you wanna see mine.... go to my name is password is caseyjoe love ya....i was just telling lauren we are freaking out if it would work for you its a college website that connects colllege kids across the world, or at least the US love you linds

lol-ing over here.
oh the joy of going through old emails. was i really that dorky? maybe i'll post a few more later........ you know, for your enjoyment.

oh and in case you are wondering where i've been. and why i just post mini blogs of pictures of romes, well, i'm here. i'm alive.

but i've almost drown multiple times in my swarming sea of "crazy busy job/finishing my masters degree and graduating in may/trying to be a new mom/baby who strangely doesn't sleep very well anymore/and i have a messy house"
yep, that sea.
but don't worry. i've just found a floaty and it's countdown.
til graduation? 30 days.
til work is over for the summer? 49 days.

and to go with my floaty is a fake tan. yep. i'm fake tanning. and it makes me feel better, judging? go ahead :) girls gotta do what a girls gotta do it's 15 minutes to just lay there, and not have to think about anything. it's peaceful (and the tanning salon plays country music, so i get to catch up on the latest honky tonk. padonkadonk, sorry, had to)


  1. baah ha! do you mean fake bakin or a spray tan?? i don't judge...tanning in a nice warm bed feels so amazing when it's cold and you're stressed. i've totally done it. gosh. i'm as white as a ghost right now, but oh well...i hear white is the new tan. ;) keep on keepin on mama!!!!!!! i'm in your corner!!!!

  2. Yay for light at the end of the tunnel! I have totally fake baked to get rid of the winter blues...nothing wrong with that at all!

  3. Linds.. Just saw this blog. You know, after I googled my own name and it popped up!

    So funny! I totally remember this email. I still brag to my NZ friends how I was one of the first to get it. For ages I didn't even add my NZ friends cause I said I just wanted it for keepingin touch with my NE buddies.. how times have changed!

    Also what is crazy is that Romes was around in April 2011 and it is now 2013! Feels like just yesterday the little guy was born!

    xx Ce