Monday, May 9, 2011

baby's lookin' gooooooooooooooood.

to the barber shop we go,

with my pacifier in tow.

upon daddy's lap i sit,

thinking this whole haircut thing is the shiznit.
(is that a bad word? i didn't intend it to be, i just needed something to rhyme with sit, K? no judge.)

my hairstylist let me play with a comb,

i'm thinkin, dangggggg, i don't have any toys like this at home.

holla at'chur boy.


  1. bah! nice rhyme there, lindz-double-d-dog. you're almost as good as snoop. but he would really say $%*@ and not apologize ;)

    oh, and yer kid is cute! CUTE! that smile. KILLS ME EVERY TIME!

  2. p.s. can i fix your blog? it's really bugging me that your pics are hanging over the sides! hahaaaa. no, i'm serious.

  3. Did you cry? I might have, such a big milestone! He looks great!