Tuesday, June 14, 2011

baby roman's birth VIDEO!!!!!!!

well, my sweet family and friends, here it is.........8 months and 1 day later :)

truth is, i've been saving for over 2 years to buy a mac.
and a couple weeks ago, mr. leif, romes, and i trekked down to the apple store on the plaza and made the purchase.
this week, i settled down into the couch on two separate evenings, to create this video.... t's something i had been dreaming of creating since i was pregnant with the little romester.

but now that the video is made.......mr leif is constantly asking if we can have another baby.
oh, dear.

enjoy :)


  1. it's official--I cannot watch anything birth related without crying!!! wiping tears away...so sweet...thanks for sharing. xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness Lindsey, thank you for sharing this with us. Beautiful! It was neat for me to see you in "real life". I'd always wondered what you sounded like and it was great getting to hear that. What a treasure for you to hold onto forever! Aren't mac's great?!

  3. don't you know i'm a pregnant, hormonal, emotional MESS?!!!! :) ohmygosh. bravo on your first video! SOOOOO GOOD! and i agree with mr. leif. HAVE ANOTHER BABY!!!!!!!!

  4. OH MY GOSH. so cute. i love this idea, good work sister. you are a rock star. loooving your music choice in phil wickham :) we get to have him at our church all of the time, such a treat. love it.