Thursday, July 7, 2011


i think it comes and goes in this life, happiness that is.

we have seasons of sadness, jealousy, anxiety, worry,
but then it comes,
the seasons of happiness. of joy. of rest.

i'm in that season right now, the happiness one.

i wake up to my son. my happy son, standing up in his crib.
i feed him, we play, he naps...sometimes i nap with him.
we go on walks, we have snacks, we snuggle, we giggle.
he falls and bumps his head, i scoop him up with hugs and kisses.
i stick out my tongue, he sticks his out, back at me.
we count down until daddy gets home, and greet him with hugs and laughter.

we're in such a good place.

i've longed for a simple life, for a while.....
i spent a year with mr leif working in a different city.
during that year, i was pregnant.
we had roman.
and then i went back to work last semester, it was brutal.
new infant,
working outside the home,
finishing grad school.
.........i thought there was no end.
but there was. i can breathe.
there's hard times, and then there's rest.

in seasons of distress and grief,
my soul has often found relief
and oft escaped the tempter's snare
by they return, sweet hour of prayer.

yes, prayer has gotten me through,
and although i'm tempted to skip that part of my routine now,
you know, now that things are good,
i've enjoy praying in thankfulness.
my prayers aren't being offered up by a tired, worn-out new momma.
nope, they've been full of thankfulness, of joy.

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  1. So happy for your time of rest. Glad you're enjoying your summer. God is good!