Monday, July 4, 2011

yes, we did get stranded in a paddle boat.

they say nebraska is the "good life"
well, it's true.

a couple weeks ago, we made the trek north.
to a place we still call home.
to a place that makes us wonder, "will this be our home again someday?"
to a place where our family greets us with open arms.
to a place where our friends live. friends we'll have for a lifetime.

we didn't waste anytime upon waking up that first morning.
romedizzle was off...... exploring grammy abbi's house.
matter of fact, he was exploring so hard,
he very quickly needed a nap.....but not before having the typical silly stint in his crib, first. duh?! gigglehead.
he woke to grammy's puppy.
of whom he fell deeply in love with.
a puppy? really?
to say the least, mr leif and i aren't really big animal fans......
moving on...
we wasted no time.
we were off to soak up the country living.....outside we go.
we were off to the trampoline.
why is it that these moments,
the simplest ones,
are the best ones?
being a mother is beautiful. so is being a wife.
i love our little family.
although we still want lots of kids....someday.....
if i could freeze time right now, i would.
i would, just us three. i would.
after our time bouncing, (yes, the romester spit up a few times.....)
we walked down to the pond.
someone was quite excited,
can you guess who?
we hopped in the paddle boat,
and we had our own little tour guide!
and, if you look close, you'll notice romy's face.
it's a slight hint at the direction our little adventure took, and quick.
you see, while nebraska is definitely the "good life", it could likewise be nicknamed, the
"windy life"
and for those of you who have paddled your way around a pond in a paddle boat, you'll know that wind is not necessarily your bff.
and in this case?
the wind and our boat? totally on the verge of a huge breakup.
because, well.....
we couldn't get back to the dock.
we tried.
mr leif and i were peddling as HARD. AS. WE. COULD. peddle.
my legs were burning.
but we couldn't make it back....
so, here we are.
stranded on the other side of the pond.
with a baby who i just knew would poop his pants or something to that sort.
but he never did.
so, we tied up the boat.
and made the long trek back home.
romes in tow.
he was a trooper.
it was fun.
good clean fun, folks!
but after a jaunt through the field on a hot nebraska summer day.
one must cool off.
CANNON BALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for the floaty grammy!
and a trip back home to see family wouldn't be complete without a little cookout :)
my mom and bother came out to visit us (or was it just for roman?! hehe)
little roman sure does love his uncle donavan :)
and while bud was on baby duty?
i took in the sunset.
the calm nebraska country air.
and the beauty of my love, and his little brother hitting up the pavement, basketball style.
while it's been years since i've watched mr leif tear it up on the court.....
it seemed like just yesterday i was in the bleachers cheering my crush on :)
and you know what? he's still got it.
and the next morning?
they took their game to the pool.
wet n wild style.
with their number one fan, off to the side, not to miss a moment of the action :)
hi mom.
can i have a snack?
this is fun!
i'm havin' a blast!
can we stay forever?!
i know romes, this is as good as it gets, little love :)
thanks for a fun time uncle colton!
and you too grammy abbi :)
MOM!!!! i'm nakey!!!! you can't put this on your blog!!!!

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