Friday, September 16, 2011

we are capable.

after mr leif spent a week working in wichita......
our dear friends, mitch and carrie - the newlyweds, came to visit for the weekend.
and obviously, we had a blast.
gojo's is now becoming "our spot"
dance parties in the living room, will be "our thing"
and i guess we'll add
"smacking bees" to the list now too........
yikes....major flash cell phone pic.
we even took the romester shopping....but mr leif wouldn't let him get these new kicks.
"pleeeeeeease dad?!?!"
"no, son"
jk. but really.....i'm not too into these anyways, we just thought we'd try them on for kicks and giggles.
more like kicks, roman tried his very best to kick them off.
no mi gusta shoes.

and then, it was with very scary abrupt news we found out the my little (yet bigger and taller than me) brother was headed to the hospital in an ambulance.......straight from his rugby game.
roman and i hoped into the car with mitch and carrie, they were headed home to lincoln on sunday, so we joined them, as that is where my brother was.........

we gave uncle donavan lots of love, after his surgery.....
turns out, his cheek bone was crushed, and was now replaced with a metal plate.
which is rather good news compared to the types of injury we thought he had at first.....
donavan doesn't even remember holding roman....hmmmm...meds.
but with our impromptu trip home,
came a lovely visit with cousin charlotte.
and we also got to work on our toddler anxiety :)

thanks for the jamiaca tank, aunt liza!

and soon enough we were headed back to KC....
but, it was 
just in time to see daddy off on his 7 day fishing trip to canada!!!
no no little roman, that's mommy's wine :)
our {third week} without daddy started off great.
we made it to church only ten minutes late.
roman did fabulous in the nursery.
and sunday night, my little man took me on a date to noodles and company
yep, that's right,
we shared some mac and cheese on the plaza, gazing into the windows of my
favorite place.

then momma stopped off to rent a few chick flicks.....and soak up some last minute "stay at home mom" time with my son.
this week, i was back to work.
this week, we would start a new babysitter coming into our home.
and this week mr leif was gone (oh i already mentioned that)
i was very nervous for. so many new things, changes, without daddy around.

so the week began 'ok', as good as it can having to return to work and leave my baby, sniff. sniff.
but all too quickly a tree landed on our house in the middle of the day. broad sunlight folks.
BAM! crash. boom. i thought a car drove into our house.
a tree.

so i got to play phone tag with insurance companies :)

and then later in the week, my car got smacked in the parking lot of trader joes.
well, smack me silly, it was a crazy week!
more insurance phone tag. lucky me :)

but i'll end this on an ever so good note:
pudgy legs stuffed into cute little grey toms.
(and daddy's home! safe and sound!!!)
totally delicious.

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