Wednesday, September 14, 2011

when did all of this happen?

roman, you've just turned 11 months old.
so when did you learn how to do so many things?
how did you get so big?
how did you get so old?
how did you get so smart?

you have favorite books..... how did you start remembering certain books already?
you know on page 3 of LALALA to turn around, look at momma, and start saying, "lalalalalalalal!"
how did you learn that?

you know how to point, with your wittle pudgy pointer, to every single round window on each did you know to do that?

you make silly faces when i get the camera out.

you can stand up? hold me. when did you get so big?

you can turn around, and stand up in your stroller. while we push it. when did you become such a daredevil? and now you even let go, trying to balance, while standing, while we push the stroller. snap me back into reality here, folks.

you rock the peek-a-boo. with a mad giggle each time. so, you're big now, huh?

you play grocery store. in my kitchen. because you can stand, and pull out all the shelves,
and the food, and.....and.....and......

but when did all of this happen?
when did you grow up?
how did you learn all of these things?

oh boy.
next month you turn one.

1 comment:

  1. so adorable! they do grow up so fast! i can't believe how big my nieces are getting! it's unbelievable how fast they grow!