Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a field-trip for momma.

a while ago, i signed up to go on a field trip.
it was for me and my camera.

i had fun.
my goal is to snap photos that need NO editing.
i don't have photoshop,
and by the time i upload photos at night, i don't have the time or energy to edit on the few editing tools that iphoto has.

i want to start documenting our daily life. here, on the blog.
it's our scrapbook.
it's our photo album.

here are a few photos i took on my field-trip :)
mode: Av, ISO: 400, f/5.6
next, we did an "exercise" (i felt like i was in school again!) on trying to capture movement.
perfect for those of us with kiddos on the run.
we don't want blurry babies. just the blurred background to see that they were in fact, in motion.
for instance, when roman is crawling like a madman, or soon, when he will be running like a race horse, i will want to capture that, but not have him be blurred.
it takes practice and understanding weird camera stuff.
some of you might be naturals at figuring this all out, but i have NO background in anything camera related or graphic design-ish type stuff, so this is a whole new world for me........
we practiced by trying to capture moving cars and bicyclists on a busy street in downtown KC.
mode: Tv, ISO: 400, f/20 and f/16

i'm so excited to tackle this camera.
and, my new job totally allows me to practice on a regular basis :)

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  1. yay for new hobbies {while being a sah mama}!!