Thursday, October 6, 2011

yes, i mention snow in this post.

well, roman didn't waste any time trying to break me into this new career.
only 2 days in and he busted out one of his not so cute tricks........."drive momma to breaking point of sleeplessness" - - - a fever and all that accompanies it.

but it's ok.
it just reminded me what motherhood is truly all about = knowing you can't do it on your own.
that when times get "icky", i just stop, and pray for strength to continue.......... with a calm voice, a peaceful mind, and a joyful heart.

our little dude seems to be on the mend today. smiley face.


i'm learning the ropes to my new job quickly.
i'm learning that putting pressure on myself to do certain things, to be certain places, is the ugliest way to conduct my role as momma and wife.

goals? they're ok.
telling myself i must do this, i must do that? not ok.

we get done what we can.
we get to where we can.
we do the best we can.

i'm bummed that i missed my "first" mom's bible study yesterday morning, but little dizzle was sick. it was out of my control.

it is.

because..... i successfully cooked two yummy dinners this week. and, they were easy too. and seriously so good. you should make them.

(if you clicked on that second link, you'll see a fabulous recipe that i used the leftovers for to make rice bowls (like at chipotle! yah, you bet!) for dinner tonight.)

because..... a sweet friend texted me she was one her way with a sonic drink, "just because". amen?

because..... another sweet friend came over after that, to give me some tips on a little craftydoodle for roman's bday party. amen?

because.... God obviously knew i needed a little umph to get me going. he sent some friends over, which happens to be the best medicine for me :) amen to a God who knows what we need? amen!

there's always beauty amongst the ugly. we might have had a mediocre start to the week, but i have an organized plan for next week, cooking and i are becoming buddies, and I GET TO CUDDLE my baby when he's sick!

i've also learned that trying to clean house while roman is awake is about as successful as scooping the driveway while it's snowing.

praise the LORD for naps :)


i've been reminiscing back to his itty bitty days. look at him???!?! i want him that small again. I DO!

because next week he turns one.

ONE?!?!?!??!?!??! hold me.

i want to kiss those lips. ahhhhhh. snuggly little babyboo. booboo. booboo.
( i'm quoting from how to lose a guy in 10 days, benny boo boo, remember?!! love that movie.)

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