Monday, January 16, 2012


this weekend, a dear friend of mine practically begged me to watch roman.
for FREE.
and we had a gift card to dinner.
so, with someone LOVING on my child, and a free dinner?
i'm in.
so is the mister.
we're TOTALLY in.

makeup and boots and jewelry, oh my!

we had way too much fun.
and we ordered drinks.
and we shared our meals.
and we bar-hopped like we were youngins.
and we had SO much fun.
did i tell you we had fun?
oh MAN, we did.


but then we came home,
to our sleeping babe.
and we tiptoed into his room.
and stood there with hearts so swollen in love for him,
our little one.

we miss our old life.
but our new life is crazy-beautiful, amazingly good.
and now, hotDANG we appreciate our date nights!!!!

so thankful.

it doesn't take much for me to spark memories of our young love that once was,
the days of passing him in the halls, between classes at the ripe age of 16.
the days of emailing 5 times a day when he went off to college.
the days of being newlyweds.
the days of having nothing but time and each other, traveling, going out....

beautiful memories.
sparked by just a few hours of time together.
times we'll cherish forever.

but now?
these times, too, we'll look back on.
in a few years......
and we'll remember life with just one little dude :)

daily, i can get drudged down with the ugly, the cold, the dark.
but it's there,
we just have to slow enough to see it.
take the time to enjoy it.
look for it, to be thankful for.

so thankful for my man. my partner in this life.


  1. SO fun. you look[ed] b-e-a-uuutiful. i'm sure you got lucky. cough. MORE BAAAAAABY LEIFS!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

    totally inappropriate. my apologies. ;)

  2. AWWWW!!!!!!!
    very well written post!! :)
    i totally remember you and i having convos about our men and how in-love we were!! :) them were the days, eh?!?

    we miss our old life too many times.....then we look at our little and are reminded how good we really have it!