Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sweet sixteen.

ahhh, sigh.......our dear little one. you're already 16 months old.
as quickly as the months pass by, even faster am i wishing time to slow down.

it was just two months ago that i last wrote about your special little life with us, at fourteen months! and as i reread that post, and the thirteen other updates before that? i truly felt an inauguration into motherhood: now i can {and will} so frequently mention, "it goes so fast...."
because it does.

and so, my little romy, i hope that either one day i print this little blog o'mine, or you click through its archives to read and remember your days as a wee one.
because these, my little love, are sweet days. sweet sweet days.

i don't quite know where to begin with this update, and i have no explanation for the sappy in-love with you mood i possess, but i suppose i will just jump right in somewhere...

we've been blessed beyond measure to have been given the opportunity for me to stay home with you each and every day.......and, it's becoming more evident each day that i'm truly fulfilling my calling in this season of life.
and, although with your ripe age of 16 months comes all sorts of new trials in our day, it also brings about a zest for life that i've never seen in you yet. if i could sip in just a small fraction of your enthusiasm, i would. i would drink it up, and never need a nap again :)

oh little romes, when i think about why your body so desperately still needs its two naps a day, it makes complete sense. when you're awake? you don't stop. matter of fact, you've pushed walking aside and prefer to run to any destination. whether it's darting across the room to grab some of your diggers and dumptrucks, or heading out the door to run an errand with momma. you run.

your love for animals, and particularly animal sounds, is busting at the seams. the moment we step outside, you pause, look around, and wait for a sound. will it be a bird? a puppy? or maybe it's not an animal and it's a choo choo! and sometimes, if we're really lucky? an emergency vehicle. those sirens. they're your cherry on top.

dear roman, you've officially entered that stage where i now consider you my sidekick. i talk to you like your just another adult in the room with me, and you usually blabber something back. i love to ask you questions, just to hear your rendition of i don't know, "idunnn NO-ooooh???". it's SO adorbs. it's been quite the adjustment for me to not have any adults around all day long, but you've filled your role as colleague quite well :) you're my friend. my bff.

independence. it can be such a strong and honored trait, yet to possess it as a toddler, it scares your momma. we walk outside the front door, and you're off. it's like you suddenly feel this freedom, this desire to escape and go off on your own. running, and usually straight for the road, like you have your own agenda. when we're outside, there's no hesitancy, there's no fear. just go, go, go.

when we do cross the street, i try to hold your hand, and it's everything you can do to try and pull away. of course, i win. but, the passion in your eyes to get to your destination is invincible. [even when your destination a stick, rock, or chunk of mud....yay.]

ahh, your little sweet voice.
you have your regulars......
{momma, dadda, hoTTTT, dummmchaaa "dumptruck", ohmeeeal "oatmeal", uh-oh, idunnnNO,.....}
......but your wheels are spinning, i can tell.
and when i ask you, "roman say _____", you try SO hard to repeat it.
BUTtttt.... it always comes out as dummmmmchaa {which is your word for dumptruck. so i guess you're obsessed with those things}
and we love, LOVE your use of "oatmeal", you simply start saying ohhhhmeal over and over anytime you are hungry :) in fact, anytime you see food you claim, "ohhhhmeal". well, other than nanna. you know a fresh yellow banana when you see one.
and anytime you think something is pretty cool? you say with confidence, "hoooTTTTT", yes, hearing you drag on that "t" forever is soooooooooo darn cute.
but our frosting on top? you've learned to say "amen", and we couldn't be more proud :)

a while back you had such social anxiety. to leave you in the nursery, or with a babysitter, or heck, any new social new situation was so tough for you. but you're making gains little romes. you ARE! just last sunday, the nursery report was "no crying at all, just playing hard!!" -- which, was like music to my ears.

roman, you [finally] eat like a champ! and for that, i am SO thankful. the better you eat, the better i feel. it's weird. but my "atta girl, momma" comes from a child well fed. so thank you. because for a while there, i felt like i was missin' the boat. i know now that you were teething, and battling ear infections, but unsuccessful meal times were totally cutting years off of my life. i know, i know..... drama momma.

we no longer read 1,382 books a day. we're down to just about 10.
why? because your love for "play" has erupted. your trucks, your animals, your kitchen stuff, your tools? they're your besties. for reals. and momma aint complainin'....... i mean, i actually cooked dinner the other afternoon without someone begging to get up up up up up, because, well? you were busy ;)

sweet roman, we've entered the disciplining battleground.
you've learned how to say "NO!" and, even a few times you've busted out a "NO momma!"
oh, snap.
...needless to say, i'm praying more on the spot than i ever have before :)
praying for wisdom, guidance, and the words to use with you.....annnnnnnnd, i'm so thankful for grace to start new each morning {heck, after each nap!}
i'm beyond grateful for the friends i have, i've received so much help, advice, and support as we start this new chapter in parenting, this momma can't ever have enough tips!!

i'm so excited for our spring and summer, dear romy. i think about where we were a year ago? bundled stroller rides, and walks around the neighborhood. now? you're a mini explorer. i can't wait to visit our same neighborhood locations with you this time around. and deana rose farmstead? eeeeeeek, i'm not sure who will be more excited for our first trip to see the animals, me or you??!!!!

thank you LORD for this time with my child.
daily it refines me, and daily it gives me joy.

and momma's heart can't pitterpatter anymore than when she sees her boys embrace, every day around 5:45pm :) it's like a giant mixture of chocolate, red wine, new shoes, sparkles, pink lipstick, and mac n cheese, all in one feeling.

i know someday, we'll add more little ones to our family, and it won't just be me and you anymore. when that day comes, we'll be bursting at the seams excited. but for now? we're loving this season. it's most definitely a sweet one.

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