Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a toddler and his bottle? {and a bit about the blog}

roman is almost 17 months old.
and, i still give him his milk before naptimes and bedtime in a bottle.
i know, i know.
what about all of those things people say that make it wrong for a toddler to still be drinking from a bottle?
i don't know, what about them.

i can't help it.

what do you see when you look at this picture?

i don't know about you, but i see a baby.
and yes, i AM trying to keep him a baby for as long as i can. {wink!}

but really, motherhood is such a phenomenal experience.
and when i'm rocking him while he drinks his milkies, i typically find myself reflecting on the crazy amount of love i feel for him. and i'm in awe at how it continues to grow every single day.

with children, come sleepless nights, sick babies, stretch marks, bad hair days, complete and utter selflessness, the difficulties of parenting, guilt, tantrums, missed events, worry, and crumbs on the floor.

then there is this most amazing rush of warm tingly lovely feelings that encompasses your entire body, every. single. day.
there's this feeling of love you can't explain, you can't put into words.
it's knowing you'd give your life for this little person.
it's that extra snuggle that makes you happier than an empty closet with $10,000 from jcrew to fill it. seriously.
there's all these little moments.......
i'm brought to tears of joy, DAILY.
i catch myself just watching him play, for minutes upon minutes.
i could watch him sleep for hours.
my heart wells up the size of kim kardashian's you know what when i see him interact with his daddy.
it's nights that we stay home, and put our jammies on early, and do family snuggles.
it's mornings, that we wake up before romy, and sneak in and watch him slowly wake up.
it's afternoons, that i find him in his crib after his nap and he's making the loudest truck noises he possibly can, followed by laughter.
it's amaze.
with that said,
i've been thinking about the purpose of this blog.
i've been trying to nail down a specific intent in writing this blog, probably since i began writing it almost 3 years ago.

but i realize it now.

i write to remember.
i write to share.
i write to laugh.
i write to ask for help.
i write to spread the light. HIS light.
i write as an outlet.
i write for so many different reasons, and i love each one of them.

i hope to remember our day to days as our family continues to grow.
i hope to help other mommas feel like they aren't the only ones feeling {you fill in the blank}
i hope to be transparent, showing that life isn't perfect, but that's where JESUS comes in.

i hope to honor the Lord with my words, whether they're silly, serious, happy, or sad.
i'm being real, and i'm enjoying it.


  1. just want you to know that i may not be a big commenter these days, but i am a faithful reader of yours! love you!

  2. i'm with davie. and i thought you were gonna say you were done with blogging. YAY! yer not. i love this place. and i love you. and seeing roman drinking his baba. i gave my girls their bottle til' they were practically THREE. hahaa. THREEEEEE. no regrets either. roman can drink a bottle in highschool for all i care. he'd still be cute. LOL. :) XOXO