Thursday, April 26, 2012

boy stuff: you know..... dirt, rocks, & buildin stuff.

hi guys.
so, i've been busy this week.
you know,yard stuff.
diggin, waterin, plantin, building stuff.
guy stuff.
i got a little sweaty {and just a tad dirty},
but like any man would do, i just cooled off with the hose.
no bath needed for me, ok mom?
just a man and his hose.
while i was busy diggin, waterin, and building stuff {aka:throwing rocks off the deck} my dad was workin too.
he's makin a fire pit and supposedly we're gonna roast marshmellows and stuff.
but we'll see.
i think mom and dad just wanna put me to bed and stare romantically into each other's eyes next to a fire......
you know, mushy stuff.
oh and guess what?  today, mom got pretty mad when she was working outside.
she tried filling the wheel barrel up with way toooo much dirt, and then it fell over.
and then she had to pick it all back up with a shovel.
i didn't see it happen though, i was with grammy at hobby lobby gettin some stuff.
but she told us when we got back.
jus doin work

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