Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the little things.

things are heating back up in the midwest again :)
but i can't complain. 
for some reason.... i'm like a moth to the streetlight when it comes to being in the sun.
my mom is in town this week :)
isn't it awesome how the Lord totally knows what you need, when you need it?
she is a blessing tenfold when she comes to visit.
let me explain,
this morning i was out the door by 8:50, WITHOUT MY CHILD.....
i spent the first 13 blocks of the drive listening to zacchaeus was a wee little man,
but by block 14?  i was jamming out to jj heller.  WITH a smile on my face.

the times that i get to attend bible study, meetings, etc...without romes in tow or going through the {strangely annoying process} of finding a babysitter.....are close to nonexistent.

but today?  
when i backed out of the driveway, realizing i didn't have to leave 38 posty notes with instructions on how to keep my child alive, because my mom just knows what to do with him and when?
it was glorious.

so i was off,
me and my rickety old toms.

"it's the little things" 
it's just so true.
it's the little glimpses of grace that get us through our day.

we simply can not get enough of "utssssside"
romy begs for it 48 times a day, and i typically oblige.
i mean why not? mr leif trapped both exits of the deck, so roman can't escape.
this way, i can actually wash a dish or too with him busy and not playing koala bear on my leg.
so as any other afternoon would have it,
we spent it outside, with grammy :)

and, i'm a bit of a happy girl.
because tonight my love and i slipped away {for like 20 minutes} on a date.
i mean it was quite romantic.
we stopped by three rock/stone places.
we're totes gonna bust out a sweet backyard.
we'll be roastin mellows in no time.
oh it's the little things, like dates to rock stores, that keep your marriage hoppin.

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