Monday, April 23, 2012

a monday confessional

sometimes, i come off of weekend highs a little bummed.
not a lot, just a little.
an it's monday, daddy's back at work, so let's pout for about 13 minutes, kind of deal.

but then, in a flash, i reflect back to my manic mondays as a working mom...... packing ALL OF THE STUFF.....running out the door LATE......fighting back tears as i left my boy with someone else.

being a working mom wasn't for me.

however.........if i'm not careful, and intentional, "staying home" can suck me in, making me feel like i have no motivation to do anything today, can we just watch lion king all day?"

and today? this monday? i was having one of those days.
as i was pushing play on lion king, i thought, what the WHAT?
no no no. don't get sucked in. 
go! get up! at least go on a walk to get a donut for cryin out loud!

we did just that.
not before we invited a couple friends to tag along.
they will remain nameless {ha!}, but can i show you just how rad being a mom is?

our text convo went as follows:

ME: good morning sweet friend, if you're looking for a reason to get out of the house, roman and i don't have any plans today :) you are welcome to come over......however, roman does have a runny nose! there is a donut shop just 3 blocks from our house, we could go walk and get a donut.

HER: ummmmm......yes please. i was seriously just thinking about how bored we're going to be today. my little one has a runny nose too, but i'm pretty sure it's just allergies. i'll text you when we're ready.

ME: lol. i'm borderline choosing to be depressed on the couch because we have nothing planned, so i decided to text you, u r my only hope to get off the couch........please come rescue me from my pathetic self :) let's go eat a donut.

HER: that's even more pathetic.....we're getting up and around just to go get a donut :)

ME: i mights just get glazed instead of glazed with frosting, then i will feel better about our healthy breakfast choice  :) {laughing out loud}

aren't we fun.
mom's of the year, i tell ya.
but anyways, we DID go to a park after retrieving donuts.

this mom gig is pretty sweet.
sweet indeed

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  1. hahaa! i'm really laughing. you're too much. hope that donut was mighty tasty! lol.