Wednesday, May 30, 2012

19 months old [he's closer to 2 than 1; hold me]

lately, my eyes are so hungry for the sight of my little boy.
it's like bottomless mac and cheese.  i can't get enough.
literally, i could stare at him all day.  

i watch him, his movements, his hands, the way he plays, how he walks, runs and hops

 i listen to his noises, his fascination in mimicking everything he hears in the great outdoors.
 i giggle at his words. so precious, so ripe.  he will try to say anything i ask him to, and he does it with confidence.
 i'm in awe at his abilities.  the natural way his little body grows, stretches, bends, and moves.  
he constantly reminds me of the wonder of our Creator, the Lord created this!  my child! and look, isn't he adorable?  the way his fingers curl up into fists, and his little feet that point inward!  the way his eyes light up at the sight of any truck, and his mouth says "oh!" when he hears an airplane.  the way he scrunches his face when he smiles, and how he laughs when he toots. 
 it's all so good. so very very good.
thank you Jesus, for giving us the gift of children.  they're a wonderment to my imagination.  
  oh romes, you've become my little best friend.  we spend every waking moment together, i know your every move.
the signs that tell me you're sleepy, and when you need a snack.  
or how your cheeks get rosy when you're hot. 
 i know every momma says it, and i'll say it too.
i wish i could freeze time.
right here.
little boys have this zest for life
no wonder Jesus said, let the little children come to ME.....
He too could see their excitement, their energy, their eagerness.
 i study you up and down, i know how you intensely search for your owies on your knee,
just so you can point and say "owie, owie".  
and your obsession with dumptrucks "dumper".... cement trucks "men mut"..... and back hoes "bab bee"
 your infatuation with trains "choo choo"...... and sticks "thick" ......and shoes "sooooz"
the way you examine my face, saying eyes, and nose, and mouth "mous"
 these days are so good. they are a blessing over and over again.
 oh my child, sometimes i don't think being your mother could get any better, and then, tomorrow comes, and it does.


O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!

i praise YOU because i am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,
i know them full well!


  1. it makes me SO happy that you're home with him now. like, i could cry, happy. i know how much your heart wanted this. and here you are! godissogood. it's so obvious how much you love your son. i can feel it through every pic on instagram. i love getting to see snitches of your day. love you friend!

  2. i knew you were gonna be the best mommy ever and this post proves it! your love does shine through with your glee over your child. and yes, i feel the love on every pic too! love you!