Tuesday, May 29, 2012

good stuff.

sometimes there's those moments, those hours, and sometimes even whole days, where everything goes quite smooth.
when that happens.  it's a bit blissful.

saturday morning, bright and early, we were off on a little walk.
daddy said, "donuts", so romes and i sprinted out of the house like the jamaican rockstar, bolt.
we never pass on opportunities for a donut breakfast.  even if it's only 7am.

a quick change of clothes, and it was go time.
the little guy thinks he needs to work on the fire pit every. single. day.
obvi he knows his dad is quite the stud, and wants to be just like him.  i'll encourage it.
so, each morning when he bangs on the door saying "utttside uttttside"
i open up the patio door, and little bolt heads out do to work.
he gets his shovel and starts scooping up little bits of dirt, sand, and rocks.
and then, for some reason, he carries them over to us, and dumps them on our feet.
and laughs.
he's pretty awesome like that.

the pit needed some seating and i like colorful things, so we found some bright blue chairs.
perfect for lounging, or a perfect place for roman to dump his dirt piles.  it's a win/win.
and you wouldn't believe it, as we were in the check out line, the little master mind himself pulled a fast one on us.
i happened to glance over at the candy shelves {who doesn't?} and noticed a pacifier sitting in the m&m slot.  so naturally, i walked over, and investigated.  sure enough, it belonged to romy.
i turned around to see roman up with dad at the counter, trying to open a bag of m&m's.
the kid's a genius.  it was a logical trade for him: i give you my paci, i get the chocolate.

if i was given thirty six thousand cans of spray paint, i still wouldn't run out of things to paint.
spraypainting stuff, for me, is as good as a whole tub of dolce de leche haagen dazs.
not sure how long these flowers will hold up without any holes in the bottom of the jars.
but i'm givin' it a whirl.
for now, they're stayin strong, and lookin gooooooooood.

 and mr leif?  he's got a soft spot for spray paint too.
we were sprayin things left and right on saturday morning.
old nasty plastic flower pot, bam!
grungy rusty plant stand, wam!
ugly beige outdoor table, zam!

complete bliss......... complete donut/colorfulchair/flowery/spraypaintin bliss.

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