Friday, May 25, 2012

fire in the pit.

we're ALMOST finished with our backyard "project"
i like to think up projects, i've mentioned this before.

this has seriously taken some teamwork.
from day one.

while the two of them say, "it's go time"?
one momma says, "start diggin boys!"

one works, one looks on with approval
while one sleeps?
two enjoy the fire :)
while one momma sunbathes?
one little boy stops to check progress.
while one little boy eats sand?
one momma takes photos of him.
while one little boy digs just like "dada"?
one momma sunbathes, again.
and, more teamwork:
while one little boy jumps from rock to rock?
one momma winces with each hop, thinking he'll surely get hurt.
{nope, he's a tough dude}
well, there you have it.
progress is happenin so fast it's like roastin a marshmellow.
one moment your sittin there all nice a cozy roasting your mellow,
and the next moment its on flames, done. done. done.
yep. by tomorrow {mr leif says} this bad boy will be complete.

and tomorrow, i'll post a FINISHED photo :)
i might even have mr leif pose with a shovel.
because that's probs the cool thing to do.
and, well, we're cool.

he says he's gonna put an add on craigslist "you can have this done to your backyard for $4,000"
any takers?  come on!  help support our travel to europe fund!
or is it our buy a new truck for mr leif fund?!
or maybe it's just our let's just meet our needs fund.
yep, i think it's the last one.
{but we can dream, right?}



and, i just fell in love with mr leif all over again :)


  1. ugh im dying over this!!!! love love love

  2. Lindsey!! You absolutely need to have Casey give Brandon the instructions how to make this gorgeous spot!!!!!!! This is amazing!! Looks like you guys are enjoying summer!! :)
    Hope to see you guys soon!!