Monday, May 28, 2012

the romes does bass pro.

i don't really know anyone who would enjoy being strapped into a seat for four three hours.
i mean, i guess if that's your thing, than awesome.
but it's not for romes.
not at all.

last week, while we were on tour de nebraska.
we NEEDED to stop and stretch our legs run around like a crazy kid.

and, like a modern day miracle, bass pro shop just happened to appear right in front of us.

 so we went on in, with our sword from the target dollar isle.
and we snagged a hat off of the first rack we saw,
because every little boy needs to romp around in a fishing hat while browsing bass pro.
 why the sword?
well, why not? there's bears up in here. we gotta attack!  wack! wam!
but really, my child totes had a mini sword fight with a stuffed bear.
he's awesome like that.
 and then we sent daddy about 43 picture texts.
asking telling him we needed a new boat.
a yellow one!

 no actually this one! its a pontoon.  come on dad.  puhhhhhlease?
i'm on a boat!

and then, the highlight of our shopping spree, was the children's tshirt section.
romes would pull a shirt off the rack, set it down on the ground, and then kneel over to examine what was on each shirt.
after going through about four shirts, he finally settled on this cute number above.
don't let the blue color fool you......for on it reads, and i quote,
 "some girls play with dolls, real girls hunt.
[proud moment?]
oh romes.  oh romes. oh romes.
{and i so let him carry it around the store for the duration of our time}

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