Sunday, May 27, 2012


nebraska is nicknamed "the good life"

and for me, because it's where our family lives, i nickname it "the extra good life"

trips home mean that uncle colton takes us to the farm

it means he takes romes up in the big machines.  backhoes? those are romy's dream. 

 it means petting the cows with grammy. or, ehhh. ahem.... the BULL.  {with a nose ring} so stylish.

 it means being carried across all the cow patties. nice.

and it means trips to town in the morning, dropping uncle cam off at school!

it means we get to visit momma's cousin kate :)  and romy gets to play in hudsons backyard.
{while mommy and katie sunbathe, and eat 5 rice crispy bars. each.}

 and, it means mommy gets to love up on wittle baby pieper :)

it means, exciting trips over to our other grammys! {just about 15 minutes away!}
(although, back in our dating days, i could make it over to mr leif's house in 10, totes)

and it means eating a schmorgesborg of nummy foods at grammys.
and putting our lions down for a nap on our plates.

it means i get to take roman out exploring.
{i grew up in a huge quaint village of 38 people}

ahhhh, yes.
and it means daytime dates for us two love birds.
when romes is with the grammys? mom and dad get to stuff their face with mexican food.

and of course, it means roman doesn't always sleep the best {hoppin from place to place}
so often times he "gets" to sleep with momma.
but, hmmmmph, that only goes well for one of us.
{and it's not me}

and then, yes, it means we come back home.
and unload everything.
and instantly our house becomes a disaster.
which instantly puts me in a really good mood.


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