Monday, July 2, 2012

happy heart momma bear stuff.

happy heart:
when he makes him laugh.
happy heart:
romes, telling the pig "i yuv you"
happy heart:
eating tcby, pink lemonade and gummy bears, in my yellow dress
happy heart:
his blue eyes.
happy heart:
walking into the kitchen, catching him play grocery store.
happy heart:
sweet fitty cent garage sale finds.
roman's first motorcycle. his first train.
[he's in love]
happy heart:
those lips.
those eyes.
[those cheeks]
happy heart:
finding his friends, stuffed in a stroller, being pulled around the house.
happy heart:
pajama top.
swim trunk bottom.
kitchen floor.
happy heart:
his excitement for the trash truck.

happy heart:
happy heart:
i never knew what this momma thing was gonna do to my heart.
but wow. it expands by the moment these days.

1 comment:

  1. I am not the only one who puts gummy bears in her ice cream! I get made fun of for this, but someone else understands! Yay! Thank you for validating my ice cream choices :)