Tuesday, July 3, 2012

when you walk away from a sweet find.

yes. i know.
this belongs in my house.
i thought the same thing as walked out on the deck at an estate sale, 
and my heart practically backflipped right out of me, beating away, professing its love for this bench.
but alas. it was too expensive.
i texted its photo to a few of my peeps. 
asking for the courage to buy or the courage to walk away.
i walked away.
hoping {praying?!} it would be there on day two, the half off day.
and, it wasn't.
someone else had whisked it away.
and it's now in their home.

so why in the world did i even post about this?
well why not?
look at it.  
it's gorge.
and even if it was hypothetically mine for about five minutes as i sat on it, dreaming up the possibilities.
those five minutes awesome.

i bid you farewell beautiful bench.

1 comment:

  1. i own lots of thins for five minutes. they are beautiful minutes aren't they.
    just stopped by to get a dose of lindsay:)