Friday, September 21, 2012


it seems as if the craziness of my week, has doubled as a gateway to normalcy.
this morning, a big white unicorn showed up at my doorstep.
so, i hopped on the unicorn and flew off to "i am capable land".

i know.  y'all probably think i'm speaking gibberish.
but plain and simple: today? it brought a taste of regular life again.

i've spent the last 2 months feelings crappy.
tired. nauseas. and like a really bad wife.
i kind of checked out and hid in a cave.
mostly i made grilled cheeses for lunch.
and often times repeated them for dinner.
unless mr leif made something else.

i spent all my time and energy during the day trying to be a good mom.
and then evening came, and i dumped romy onto mr leif.  while he cooked. 
and probably switched the laundry too.
i did a lot of laying on the couch.
which, though i felt crappy, when you just lay on the couch a lot and sort of stink at your role as a wife?
then you really start to feel crappy.
but i didn't do much about it.
i felt sick.  and tired.  and i just didn't really want to try.

but marriage is a beautiful thing.
especially when your husband rocks at his role as provider.

but, let's get back to that unicorn.
for some reason, i woke up this morning with energy.
and the desire to serve my husband.  
and it felt so good.  so right.  so where i need to be.
and by 8am, romes and i were out the door.
off to the store.
mr leif needed to bring treats to the office today.
for me, this was an opportunity that was busting through the door.
also, he had to leave for a meeting at 9 so if we wanted to say hi, we needed to throw on the turbo jet speed.
we practically sprinted through the store.
we totally went with the premade cookie bag stuff.  you know, the ones that just need a stick of butter, and an egg.
and i've never whipped up cookies as fast as i did this morning.
but mission complete, we made it to the office by 9:04.  
you know how good it felt to deliver treats to my husband?
i mean, so what if they only 20% from scratch.
i gave myself a wife gold star.  actually 4 of them.
 but i told you it was a unicorn i was on.  
and so the magic continued.
we went back to the store, and i got all the ingredients to make homemade chicken noodle soup.
and cinnamon rolls.
. . .
so after a delicious lunch of you guessed it, grilled cheese, AND broccoli, romes hit the sack.
and i hit the kitchen.
it was like momma vs. food, and i was determined to win.
raw chicken is pretty much my arch nemesis.
i don't even know what arch nemesis is, but i think it's an enemy.
so go with it.
i dominated that bird.  
and then two loads of laundry.
and currently, as i type, i'm in the middle of whipping up a mean batch of soup.
i WILL have dinner waiting for my love.
i'm BACK in the game.

it's not that i enjoy cooking.  really, i can't stand it.  i always mess up.  and i don't really like messing up.
but i sort of forgot how it felt to serve my husband.  
even if it means baking him cookies.  attempting soup.  and having a clean house.
the sweet guy doesn't ask for any of those things, ever, but i need to do them.  for me.
i need to serve him.  because when i don't, i turn into an ugly person.
i'm serving myself, instead of him.  and by serving him, ultimately, i'm serving the Lord.

i know i may wake up tomorrow and feel like crawling under the covers, wishing he would deliver me donuts in bed again.  
but today was nice.  i felt competent. 
i'm going to try and repeat this again.  soon.  and maybe, hopefully, make it my normal.

oh snap. {do i sound like a 6th grader?} i totally forgot to thaw out the cinnamon roll dough.
see?  mistakes.  always.  erg.  i better go, i need to google for some sort of rushed dough thawing magic.


  1. omyword, i was JUST like you while i was preggo. and nursing. oi. poor john. but he never complained. you got yourself a keeper too.

    and lol that you dominated that bird. i dislike touching raw chicken too.

    and cooking. but like you said, it's serving my husband, thus the Lord, so cook I will!

    love you ...and your unicorn...haha

    good job. i give you 5 stars*****

  2. I have totally been in the same boat lately. I find myself miserable for no good reason... and then taking it out on my husband and he still serves and provides for me!

  3. geez. i think you get the get out of jail free card for the last few months. feeling pregnant & sick is like nothing else. SO rad that you have an understanding husband. and SO rad that the magical unicorn showed up with some cookie makin' energy. ;) praying you get more energy & NO MORE NAUSEA AMEN AMEN!

    i'm not pregnant.
    and i fail at the cooking part big time.
    been convicted lately too about it.
    it's time to be a better servant of a wife to my husband.
    thanks for the encourgment.
    I WILL TRYYYYYY to cook. even though i suck at it.
    it's the thought, right? :)

    happy sunday pretty!