Monday, September 17, 2012

soccer game. junk food. and cam.

a little while back, mr leif's family came to visit 
{well, all but his older brother and his bride to be ms bayley, sniff sniff....we missed them}

while they were here, we hit up a Sporting KC Game.  
yeah, i know.  what in the world is Sporting KC.  
soccer teams have weird names.
earlier that day, romes got some new kicks.
and he also wore his socks pulled up high like cam.
cam is pretty much his idol.
they're two peas in a pod, cam and romes.
and really, romy lights up whenever he gets to see tamrin {cameron} or toltin {colton}, 
but for some reason colton always successfully escapes the camera.  
 seriously though, check out these dudes:
sharin' a little popcorn, sharin' a little juice and sharin' a little hot dog and pizza. 
{cam says it was gatorade, i think it might have been that red mt. dew stuff, based upon romy's wild night following the game}
as i mentioned.  someone was just a tad hyper back at the hotel.
i spent an HOUR post-bath, in bed, with romy, and it was pitch dark.
he literally goofed around for an hour.
like trying to tickle me.  put his paci in my mouth. touch my eyes and my nose.
jump in the bed.  get down and run around the room.  you, know, those kinds of things.
an hour might not seem like a lot.  but to a very tired preggo mom.  it was.
really though, it was pretty fun.  and i may have egged him on a bit when i got my second wind.
 but back to cam.
can you really imagine having a cooler uncle?
nope.  romes is one lucky dude.
oh. and, i should probably mention, it's been a month since the soccer game.
we are STILL daily talking about "socca, pizza, hot dog, tamrin's juice, & BOOM-BOOMS {fireworks @the game}
seriously.  now that this kid talks? parenting got a whole bunch more fun :)


  1. awwwwww. his little kicks are waaaaay cute.

    and btw. i think both olive leif and mable leif are both the cutest things i've ever heard. you need twins.

  2. how cute is THAT.
    pullin' his socks up.
    saying BOOMBOOM.
    haha! i love him.