Friday, September 7, 2012

the zoo.

i took roman to the zoo one time this summer.
but really.  every day was pushin three digits.
who wants to walk around smelling sweaty animals in that kinda heat?
that wasn't a rhetorical question.
someone really DOES want to walk around smelling sweaty animals in the heat.
because someone doesn't really care about those things.
he just loves animals.
 we were blessed with an invite to the zoo by some sweet friends from church.
they have a zoo pass, so not only did we get in free....
 but we got to ride the train for free. 
[here's romy looking all emo on the train]
really, he loved it, but we were just pausing to allow more people to load on and he was just sitting there all sweet and content.  truly a moment that needed to be captured :)
AND we got to ride the carousel for free.
we like free.
scratch that.
we LOVE free.
[but really, we just love friends]
 don't ask why we were wearing long sleeves and pants.
it wasn't a "cool" day.
we went early in the morning, and like i tried many a times this summer, i thought if we dressed for fall, than SURELY we'd get fall.......
and nope.  still hot.  still summer.  still at least 99 degrees.
[bad momma move]
we were sweaty. just like the animals.
we had a great time together :)  
it was SO fun to bring romes to the zoo.  
why is it, as soon as kids start to show interest in something you practically want to run out to all the stores and buy all the stuff that has anything to do with their interests?  oh my goodness, i fear if we had a million dollars we'd be floor to ceiling in bob the builder and truck stuff.  and now this zoo thing?  dang, we'd probably have about 19 pets too.
i guess i'm just glad we're on such a tight budget.  [wink!]
but really.
it was such a great day for us.
i hadn't been feeling well, and was stuck in my "yucky place" and this day was a gift.
and now,
two more pictures of the polar bear.  because he's freakishly-huge and awesome.
the end.

[that's 2 posts in a day, i'm on a roll.  i think i'll go eat a popsicle for my prize]

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  1. that is the biggest bear i have ever seen in my life.

    i can't keep up with your blogging. slow down, ya hear?