Monday, October 8, 2012

dude just dominates the day.

it seems like somedays i'm leading a 3 ring circus around here, with just one child.
he's a busy one.  jumping from activity to activity, toy to toy, room to room, leaving little tornadoes everywhere he goes.
i realized the other day that i spend most of the day running after him, playing damage control.
sometimes i think i'm pathetic, as i spend HOURS picking up HIS stuff.
but really?  it gives me purpose.  
i'm weird and have a "way" i like to put all the toys. all the crayons. all the gadgets. all the stuff.
back in ORDER.
i like order :)
i usually make him help me "teen up", as he pronounces it, but he lasts for about 4.8 seconds.
regardless, he has fun and i get to organize and reorganize and clean up the same stuff all day. every day.
but you know what?
i sort of actually love it.
i love my job :)
i think i'll call myself the home organizing engineer.
i mean, why not add engineer to the title?

here's romes in bunch of crappy cell phone pictures, just out and about, escapading around the house:
 {keeping his lungs up and running}
 {single fisting the masterpiece}
 {double fisting}
 {peeking out from his "2 biiiiig bankies"}
 {building a tower, and exclaiming, "i did it!"  and then building another one and shouting, "2 did its!"}
 {watching bob the builder.  the only way i can take a shower without someone standing right.THERE. the whole time}
 {helping mommy with her ridiculous popsicle consumption}
 {probably the result of me saying, "no more bob the builder, time to read books"}
 {building things.  dude could build all day.}
 {whoops? how did this one get in there?  this is one of my "let's make these cows sit in awkward positions sessions"}
{stinky face}

so there you have it folks.  a little view into how little romes dominates his days.
ps. he turns TWO on saturday.
? i know.  the cliche, "they grow up sooo fastttt....wahhhhh"
but they do.
and it's sad.
and he better not ever get married.
or have any girlfriends.
unless it's eden, or lucy, or rose :)

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  1. ha! love it all! and love your new blog look! <3 xoxo