Sunday, October 7, 2012

a little prep work

i had one of those days.
you know, the one where you have immense guilt for the amount of junk food you consumed.
i began with marshmallow cereal.  it was some fake off brand, but basically like lucky charms.
two bowls.
and then i moved on to cinnamon poptarts.
2.5 of those.
and then i moved salty, with pretzel sticks.
3 handfuls.
and then, to cap it off, olive garden.  
ugh.  i thought i would feel "healthy" if i ate their salad.
and pasta....and breadsticks....and dr. pepper.

i hate that i'm not a healthy eater.
i browse pinterest and see things like black bean and avocado burrito, 
and chicken stew with butternut squash.
and then i end up pinning things like paula deans super easy crockpot potato soup,
and chocolate chip caramel salted bars.

i hate the guilt i feel with not eating healthy.
i wish things like broccoli would make my mouth water.
but instead i get excited about a good grilled cheese sandwhich.

anyways.  enough boo hoo for me.
at least one of us is preparing for baby in the healthy way he should be
behold, romes: the big brother chef serving banana, bun, pizza, and kiwi.
now that's a well balanced meal.
 and we also might flinging baby down the slide.  head first.
romy's pretty pumped for the baby in momma's tummy.
it sort of is the cutest thing on the planet.

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