Friday, February 15, 2013

warning: 78 photos and my family came to visit

i just dumped 78 photos from my phone into my picasa web albums.
watch out!
and, if time allows.
i might actually blog about what we've been up to.....
like, why i've been "hiding"
and how my heart has been continually stretched, as the Lord moves and works and completes HIS will.

let's start with a fun little light post.

some of my fambam came to town.
they're a riot.

we did things, like shop and eat.
and eat and shop.
and laugh and {toot?}
and {toot?} and laugh!

they're crazy good.

we ate ourselves silly at the melting pot.
i mean. seriously.  i know this place has been around for a while now.
but every time i go, i just really have a good time.
i've never really had that fantastic of service.
but there's something about dipping things into cheese and chocolate.
it just makes for a good time.
add to that, my mom and 2 of her crazy sisters, and my cousin?
then you're in for a real treat.
they put us in the back corner.
and truly, that's where we belong.
we're loud.
we're obnoxious.
and we love cheese.

have you SEEN anthro lately?
bum bum.... bum bum... bum bum..
[that's my heart beating, for anthro]
one of each please.

but really.
it's always such a delight to have family come to visit :)
i dream of hosting my aunties and cousins more often.
because when a group of small town nebraskans meet the city?
it gets cray cray up in here.

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