Monday, February 4, 2013


lately, i find myself scratching down little memories into my mind, some make it onto paper, some become their own little 'notes' on my iphone, and most of them are documented with instagram.  
i heart ig :)
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i feel like this season of life, with a little blooming toddler, is so full of things i never want to forget....his phrases, the things he does, my dance moves he tries to mimic, etc....and then the days just fly by, and i'm scared i won't remember all the little things.
i know i'll look back and remember this time as such a sweet season of life, chalked full of little toddler moments, but i feel i'm gripping onto each day, fearful they'll disappear from my mind.  
some may make it into the long term memory bank, but most of them? they'll slip away.  
it makes me sad.

so, i want to be better about keeping up around here.
and, as with anything in life, there are seasons, an ebb and flow.
and lately, i haven't blogged very much. i so badly, want to pour our my heart about parenting, marriage, life with selling and buying a home, you know....all things deep. 
but posts like that are time consuming.  and at the moment, i'm not making them a priority. 

so, i'm going to try and keep things short and simple around here.
just daily tidbits.
and maybe here and there i'll blast you with something long, deep, emotional, and passionate.

but for now?  i'll just talk about today.

february 4. 2013.

today is the anniversary of mr leif and i beginning to date.
on this day, 12 years ago, mr leif met me outside my car, by a friend's house (we were making posters for parents night, a high school basketball event) and he ever-so-romantically suggested that we "try this again" because the first time we "started going out" 4 months prior, failed, due to the fact that he was too shy to talk to me. and you can't really date if you don't talk to someone.  so, i broke it off, and he came back begging for me, for a second chance.  (or that's how i like to put it, ha.)
he still struggled to stop by my locker in between classes for the remainder of our high school careers, like i thought a boyfriend should do, but somehow we made it through that treacherous time of rocky communication (cue:sarcasm), got married and heck, we even have a family :)  ahhhh....the things that i thought were major back when i was 16.  hilarious. but so real to a teenager.  i mean, between classes locker talk? pshhhhh. it was a MUST!

today romes and i (and my mom!  she was still here after a weekend visit!) went to my 32 week checkup!  
i thought i'd have high blood pressure, due to my life being a little cray cray right now.
but everything is just right, says the doc.
our baby is due on Good Friday.  i didn't think about having an easter baby until recently.  
it sort of makes me all giddy to have my own little baby chic.  
chirp. chirp.
today, roman got to find the baby's heartbeat.
it's been SO fun to see romes grow through each doctor's visit.
when we first started going in, he struggled with the idea of someone messing with his momma.
then, it developed into him sitting nicely, but closing his eyes any time a nurse or doctor would try to talk to him while they "worked on me"
soon, it developed into him communicating with them, answering their "how old are you?" questions with "two!" and "what's your name?" with "roman joe leif!" (sounding a bit more like woman joe yeif)
and now, my sweet little man is actually standing up, next to the nurses and doctors talking to them.

today, when dr nichols came in, he asked her, "where's the beat beat?" (wanting to hear the heart beat)
she responded by lifting him up, setting him next to me, and guiding him to find the heartbeat.
he didn't skip a beat (pun totally intended). seriously.  he was all calm and totally into his little task.
it was the sweatest moment, and you betcha, my mom took not one but multiple different angled cell phone pics.  because that's how she rolls.
so, thank you momma for capturing this sweet little moment :)

today we played puppies.
we play animals almost every day.  puppies, cows, horsies, kitties, and sometimes he'll add random things like snakes and beetles and bumblebees, so that i scream and say "no! yucky!"
it was getting late, and obvi, with his pants already missing, we were transitioning into our bedtime jammies sesh, but we still had some time for playing puppies.
his little bark is the sweetest.
and the fact that he went to his room and got a couple of puppy friends to join us?  gahhhhhh.  
he just makes my heart do flip flops.

mr leif is finishing a friend's basement a few evenings a week for the next couple months, so this makes our days extra long.   on nights like these, when i'm single-momming it, i'm so grateful for the energy to keep up with him, the patience to stay positive at the end of the day, and the desire, to soak up all these little moments before we add the baby to this little family. 

i love my little puppy.


  1. i love you skirt. you look amazing. glad your bp is ok.

    and HILAR that you broke up cuz he was too shy to talk to you Lindsay girl!

  2. ah gee. i like your today. i like your belly! so cute that roman got to do the beat beat. i so miss that! 32 weeks is when i had the girls, you know ;) no pressure. hehe. an easter baby! that is SO soon, linds. why is your pregnancy flying by? is it for you? did it for you with me? haha. maybe it's just that way. anyhoo, CRAZY! i'm so happy for you!!! can't wait to put a face & a name to this sweet babe in your tummy tum.