Saturday, January 9, 2010

our house is like......

almost freaky right now.
i mean, seriously. check out my view as i peer through about 86.7% of the windows in our house...
ahhhhhhhhhhhh............icicles are e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e
(ps. i am not sure how to spell it, icicles or icycles??)
(pps. i am to lazy to look it up on or spell check in micro word)
(ppss. i am assuming since it is not some sort of device with a wheel, like bicycle or tricycle, that it is spelled icicle. but you can totally check me on that assumption.)
i asked mr. leif about them and the danger to our house and our gutters
(or my head when i walk outside and might just get totally stabbed).

of course, he had some long, very smart sounding, answer.

but, because. i was stalking this blog, while he was explaining, i only recall snippets of something about our insulation or letting heat out or......heck, i don't really remember what he said. so............i guess iwill conlcude that icicles are nothing more the one of the most beautiful things God has created ;)

oh yeah, and yesterday i had a snow day. yep! no work for me! it was such a great day :) i can really see myself as a stay at home wife. i slept in, visited a friend and her new baby, went to the gym, went to the grocery store, did some laundry, baked cookies, ate 5 and 1/2 cookes, and then had the other 1/2 of a cookie, and then i made mr. leif dinner.

he likes it when i cook for him, he is always the 'cooker' in the house. i usually mess up and get frustrated, but lately i have been really comin out of my shell in terms of cooking.....

speaking of shells..........

i made stuffed shells for din din.

i got the recipe from this site, and added some ground turkey and a yellow onion, and of course loaded these suckers with way more cheese than called for ;)

ok, off to wake my sleeping prince from his saturday afternoon nap!


  1. watch out Martha Stewart! first of all, LOVE the apron! you are too cute! im so proud to be ur sis! your stuffed shells look fabulous, and please dont walk under any of those icicles, i wanna have u around for awhile!

  2. I have to add on to Liza's comment - love the apron!!

    Also, those icicles are crazy! I am glad Casey cleared some of the bad ones out for you - they look very dangerous.

    See you tonight ;)

  3. i think you are FUNNY! hilarious. & i love reading your posts because you make me smile. so there.

    icicles, shmycicles. i say spell it out it sounds. ha. :)

  4. eeeep, those are scary!! I kind of miss the wintery things like icicles...

    and you, my dear, are TOO cute in your apron, with your happy smile and your yummy shells. I really wish I could pop over and visit you in your cute little home and have a cup of coffee with you...

    ps. have I told you how much I LOVE love love your blog?? yes?? ok, well, it bears repeating. :)