Friday, August 6, 2010

its a date....

...a date night.
and its budget friendly.
and its helping me learn how to like coffee.
because i don't like coffee.
but lots of my mommy friends are telling me i must learn to love it.
that i will need it.
so im easing myself in.
im liking white chocolate mocha stuff......
i don't even wanna know if there are tons of calories or whatever.
im not skilled enough to order the 'healthy' version yet.
i don't quite know what to tell the coffee dude.
so i just straight shoot off the menu.
and ya know what?
im kinda liking this whole coffee thing.
for the first time in well 25 years - it doesnt taste bitter or yucky.
and then there's the him.
mr leif is the perfect date.
we talk.
and sip our coffee, like we are cool.
and we dream.
and there is nothing to distract us. no computers, no laundry, no housework, no yard.
except one phone call from a lost friend trying to get to homegoods
(hahahaha - she knows im kidding)
and we soak each other up
and dream some more
and pretend the world has stopped.
and its the best date.
and we are practicing these cheap, quick dates.
because we know when the babe comes, we still need them. weekly.
and we'd like to have date night about 4 or 5 times a week.
but really. its just once a week.
and its our favorite night ever.
good work starbucks.
we like your comfy chairs.
and we like havin a date with you.
so do you?
do you set aside time for just your husband?
and talk and dream and smile and give googly eyes?
because you should.
its like medicine.
goooooooooood medicine.


  1. you go girlfriend...acquiring the taste for coffee. im impressed that you are getting away from the hot chocolate. nice. pretty soon you'll be rattling off ur custom order.

  2. that white choco mocha sounds delicious !!