Monday, August 30, 2010

i think this whole blog world... making moms happier and healthier.

you might be're not even really a mom yet, so why are you making such a statement, lindsey?

well. something i've noticed in the 'blogworld' is that people tend to open up and share their day, whether its through pictures, words, videos, or all three together :) but regardless, they are sharing. and the most important part is that they are sharing the good and the bad. one post might be a 'hallelujah, we just had a fabulous family vaca.....' and then the next one is more of a 'holy cow, our schedules are a mess, i'm never taking a family vaca again, there's too much laundry and we are all now sleep deprived.......' you get the idea? regardless...... if its about family vaca's, issues in the kitchen, struggling with body image, etc...... again - my point is that women are opening up, more than ever. and its great.

prior to the blog world, the phone might have been picked up to quickly phone a friend, so we could hash out our day - to vent to one another. but NOW we can blog about it......... and instead of just the one person on the other end of the phone saying, 'i'm sorry'......... 'im praying'.......... 'here's what i've tried', you get many.

now, no one likes to read a blog that is all about struggling, negativity, and barely surviving ALL of the time......... but go on, admit it, when you read of someone else struggling, or someone else wondering how to handle a certain situation, or someone else finally having success in an area you are about to throw the towel in........that you GET ENCOURAGED??!!
i do :)

and i think the best part of blogging helping women to be emotionally healthy, is when you get the chance to comment on someone's thoughts. to let them know you are praying, you are proud, those comments solidify their hesitations in sharing their struggles.

so i'm excited.
i'm excited to continue blogging into this treck of motherhood that i'm about to embark on. and y'all know i don't have a problem with sharing the good, bad, and the buckle up. i'm assuming this blog will take a bit of a rollercoaster ride, just as my hormones will be :)
but that's ok.

as those who blog know, when you write....ehem, type, its sort of theraputic. and when you read of others in your same situation, its comforting. and while at times you are hesitant to share something with the blog world, there is always a comment to help assure you - someone is praying. someone understands. or perhaps someone even might have advice........

as i reflect back on this past year, having my mr leif gone from august through april, getting pregnant, and now preparing for a baby.......i realize the comfort and support i've received through blogging. weird for some to understand. but start a blog, and you'll get it:)

cheers to blogging.
and cheers to women, being able to open up.
and cheers to friendships being created, Godly friendships, friendships that have allowed you to find yourself often praying for someone you haven't 'actually even met' yet :)


  1. CHEERS to that! i'm so glad i met YOU. it's been awesome to watch you "grow" through this blog, too. & it IS like catching up with an old friend. weird, but true. can't wait to read about your adventures with baby leif. EEEK! so SOOOON! :)

  2. I know, so excited to read about baby leif.

    I've always wanted to name one of my babies leif!

    so, you can't name him leif or his name will be leif leif. that's too bad:(

    anyhow, so glad you find encouragement in blogging. i love that aspect long as one does not base their self worth on other's{sometimes faulty} opinions/comments, rather than God's opinion of them. I guess it's a slippery slope, but not just in blogland...also in real life too, eh?

    Anyhow, you seem like a complete doll. I had so much fun reading through your archives!