Sunday, August 8, 2010

we went to a wedding...

...and had a blast.

check out these hot babes :)

yep, that would be bestie carrie and bestie sam.
they are lovely ladies. and they liked my lovely lady lump (aka babyleif)
and everytime im with them, i don't wanna leave.
but thats ok :)
it makes our time together THAT much more special.
carrie's gettin hitched next june.
i forgot to mention that here
and pps.
sam's the one who couldn't find homegoods :)
and she had a garmin.
and i can laugh at her, because she knows i love her :)

and then there's the man of my dreams....

ya know what? mr leif asked me to dance at the reception.
i think that's the first time in our relationship history that he's asked me to dance, and not vice versa........and for those of you who know us know i'm the one who likes to shake it on the dance flo, and mr leif would prefer to sit back and watch me shake it.
and we danced to two songs.
and i could have danced to 3,789,302 more songs with him.
even in my wedges.

just to clear up any confusion or defend myself from copyright nazi's out there, i didn't do anything illegal by posting these pics, even though there's a giant X through the middle of them.......they give you the link to embed them :)


  1. he asked you to DANCE? okay. now THAT'S the sweetest thing i've ever heard. those moments are the best kind. i bet your heart was racing :) LOVE!

  2. i love photobooth pictures!!! these are soo cute.